How Does President-elect Barack Obama Celebrate his Birthday, Anyway?

January 20, 2009

Just curious.  Now that Barack Obama is officially the President of the most powerful nation on earth by virtue of his day-old inauguration, how does the man celebrate his birthday?  Some say because he is of Muslim descent, he is not into birthday celebrations (read: birthday parties, gifts, and all the rigmarole).

Well, to get a glimpse of how President Obama celebrates his birthday, look no closer than during last year's rigorous campaign.  Obama turned 47 at the campaign trail, and reports say he was all business.  He celebrated his 47th birthday last August 4, 2008, but his campaign schedule did not allow for anything extra special to happen during that day.

Here's how Obama's natal day went last year.  He went to the gym early in the morning before flying to Lansing, Michigan.  There at 11am he introduced his "New Energy for America" plan.

It wasn't known if Obama enjoyed a birthday cake last year, but his closest staffers reportedly had a gift for their boss that got lost in the trunk of a Chicago taxi cab. The year before that, his staffers gave Obama an iPod.

One thing is certain, this year, Barack Obama will celebrate his birthday at the White House!



It's the Circus! Britney Spears 27th Birthday

January 18, 2009

Yes, her life has been a circus from the moment she became an incredibly successful pop star.  And yes, the media made it so, alternating between rooting for her and tearing her down.  There were some years back, and just recently at that, that no one thought she would make it to her 27th birthday.  She was that depressed, that lost, and that much of a loose cannon that everyone feared she will hit the ultimate rock bottom and never come out, or live through it.

Well, thankfully, that's now all in the past.  As Britney Spears released her latest album titled Circus, so did she celebrate her 27th birthday -- with a three-ring circus, jugglers, a man on stilts, and carnival features like hot dogs and popcorn.

According to, Britney wore a Robert Cavalli dress to her party.  Her once problematic mom, Lynne, was there to celebrate with her.  Other Hollywood personalities like Lance Bass and Jeremy Piven, and some more of Britney's friends, attended the party.
Brit happily told "Entertainment Tonight"of her simple 27th birthday wish: "A million more wishes!"

Here's to you, Brit!  Happy Birthday! 




Birthday Party News

January 18, 2009

Today, officially launches this blog news page.  This blog service aims to bring all manner of birthday-related news all over the planet, to you our loyal visitors.  We are quite excited over this section of our website, because this is where news and LIFE as we know it actually gets documented. 

For our first news on this blog space, we will bring you the story of how Britney Spears celebrated her 27th birthday.  It is quite an affair with uber-grand preparations.  It would be like getting a sneak peak on how one of the sinfully reach and famous celebrate a birthday party.

That would hopefully set the tone for this blog news site -- that we aim to cover all the ways that birthday is celebrated anywhere and everywhere.

Stay tuned!


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