Yes, her life has been a circus from the moment she became an incredibly successful pop star.  And yes, the media made it so, alternating between rooting for her and tearing her down.  There were some years back, and just recently at that, that no one thought she would make it to her 27th birthday.  She was that depressed, that lost, and that much of a loose cannon that everyone feared she will hit the ultimate rock bottom and never come out, or live through it.

Well, thankfully, that's now all in the past.  As Britney Spears released her latest album titled Circus, so did she celebrate her 27th birthday -- with a three-ring circus, jugglers, a man on stilts, and carnival features like hot dogs and popcorn.

According to, Britney wore a Robert Cavalli dress to her party.  Her once problematic mom, Lynne, was there to celebrate with her.  Other Hollywood personalities like Lance Bass and Jeremy Piven, and some more of Britney's friends, attended the party.
Brit happily told "Entertainment Tonight"of her simple 27th birthday wish: "A million more wishes!"

Here's to you, Brit!  Happy Birthday!