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Milk and water are always the best liquids for kids to drink.  But to make a birthday party really special, you can serve the kids some healthy fruit juices and beverages instead.  Kids can get boisterous and carried away during birthdays.  They love to participate in all activities and games in the party.  As such they have a tendency to get really thirsty.  Fruit juices and beverages can be a welcome thirst-quenching offering to the kids.


As much as possible, any juice or beverage you serve to children should be less of sugar and more of healthy fruits.  100% fruit is best.


You can concoct a kiddie cocktail of fruit juice that will tickle the kids as well as quench their thirst.  You can also opt to serve soda if you prefer, but keep soda to a minimum.  A combination of fruit juice or soda can also result to nice-flavored beverages.


Fruit juices or beverages of any kind need to be chilled or cooled when you serve it on birthday parties.  And remember that as much as possible, fruit juices should be fresh.


Tea is also an option.  This may raise some eyebrows, but studies have shown that tea is also healthy to children, in moderation, of course.


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