Birthday Kids - Best Cakes

Birthday cakes come in all sizes and shapes, in a variety of colors and decorations, all flavors and textures, but there are cakes that stand out from all the rest because they were recognized by award-giving organizations as the best there is.  The Pillsbury Bake-Off has been a prestigious baking contest since 1949 and still rewards the best-baked cakes ever. 

We have compiled here the best from the Pillsbury Bake-off through the years.  But be reminded that while some cakes may stand out, some may not, yet all of these cakes, when baked and decorated by a mom or a dad for their loved ones, are always a labor of love.


"My Inspiration" Cake

This beautiful cake, layered with pecans and chocolate, looks as if it came straight from the gourmet bakery down the street. Created by Lois Kanago of Webster, South Dakota, it garnered the Grand Prize in 1953.  



Chocolate Praline Layer Cake

Created by a university professor of music, this easy-to-prepare cake is spectacular to serve and marvelous to eat! It's best if made a few hours ahead and refrigerated before serving.   It was created by Julie Bengtson of BemidjiMN and won in the Bake-Off® Contest of 1988.



Nutty Graham Picnic Cake

This orange-flavored cake is topped with a brown sugar glaze for just the right touch.  Mrs. Esther Tomich San Pedro of California won the Bake-Off® Contest in 1978 for this delightful creation.


Starlight Double-Delight Cake

Helen Weston´s 1951 Grand Prize winner uses a unique technique: some of the frosting is blended with the cake batter before it´s baked, yielding a superbly moist, rich cake.   


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