Birthday Kids - Cakes

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No birthday is complete without the presence of the birthday cake.  It has been an important part of any birthday celebration since time immemorial.  Together with singing a birthday song and a short prayer of thanksgiving, the birthday cake is one of the minimum requirements in celebrating a birthday. 


Western culture practiced this custom of birthday celebrations with birthday cakes since the 19th century.  The candles on top of the birthday cake came from 18th century Germany.  But it was the ancient Romans that really associated birthdays with birthday cakes.


Birthday cakes evolved into culinary and confectionery delights through the years, as the technology for cake-making and decorating evolved.  From the elaborate birthday cakes for the wealthy, to the simple single-layered cake for ordinary folks, the birthday cake still captures the essence of a birthday -- a CELEBRATION of LIFE at its fullest and in all of its sweetness!


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