Birthday Kids - Ice Cream

Here's the scoop!  Birthday parties can be made cooler with ice cream on the menu of gastronomic delights.   Especially in the sizzling summer months, kids will just scream for ice cream in any birthday party!


With ice cream as one of your birthday party attractions, the key is to give the kids as many choices as possible.  You can vary the ice cream offerings with either a fondue ice cream serving, or cakes and puddings served up with cheese or chocolate ice cream.


Ice cream certainly tips the scale towards a successful birthday party.  Either stick to the easy-on-the-palate chocolate or vanilla, or scoop out something really exotic with rhubarb or banana!


Ice cream is also fun with peppermint patties, milk balls, gummy bears, caramel candies, and fresh or dried fruits.  Hot fudge, marshmallows, strawberries, pineapples, cherries -- the list is endless to make the ice cream you serve a true work of art.


Photo courtesy of La Luna's World


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