Birthday Kids - Pastry Recipes

Chocolate Tartlets


Your child's birthday party will certainly perk up with the addition of this unique pastry offering.  Kids will not resist chocolates, and the sight of chocolates drizzled over the top of these cute pastry shells will make them frequent visitors to your birthday party table for seconds, and thirds!  Easy to prepare, attractive to look at, and absolutely delicious.


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Versatile tarts are dainty but attractive morsels to serve at birthday parties. This book Tarts: Sweet and Savory by Maxine Clark shows a step by step guide on how to make different kinds of pastry and particularly savory tarts. Unleash your creativity with modern recipes.


Jamie Oliver's Old-Fashioned Sweet Short-Crust Pastry


From world-renowned celebrity chef Jamie Oliver comes this wonderful pastry recipe that you can include in your birthday party menu.  The recipe is easy to follow even for those who have never made a pastry before.  The finished pastry can lead to the perfect apple pie or other sweet pies that you can think of.


Be as creative as Jamie Oliver, who loves to experiment with tastes and flavors.  A twist of lemon, or a cinnamon dash maybe.  Be creative and make your child's birthday party truly interesting.


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Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver says this book is very close to his heart. A no-nonsense book on simple yet inspired cooking with great flavors. Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life is a great source of delightful pastry recipes, great for birthday parties!



Vervein-Flavoured Strawberry Delicacy


French cooking at its best. This pastry recipe looks complicated to prepare, but it is actually a breeze and would certainly add flair and interest to the birthday party. The strawberries burst in freshness against absolute sweetness and cream.


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This toaster pastry is a surprise. Not only is it organic with real fruits in it, it also tastes absolutely divine like it came fresh out of a bakery. The crust is flaky, soft yet crispy. Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries are healthy, fun and easy to prepare and will surely be a hit among the kids.


Gingery Cranberry-Pear Tartlets


Crystallized ginger accents this filling with sweet pears and tart cranberries. The tartlets look beautiful and are actully very easy to make. For a refreshing addition to the birthday party, this recipe is certainly highly-recommended.


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