Birthday Kids - Smoothies

If it's blended, chilled, and sweet and made from fresh fruits, then it's a smoothie.  Add crushed ice to the mix, some frozen yogurt and you have the recipe for a successful birthday party cooler.  Add your cheers and good intention, and this smoothness goodness goes down children's throats quite flawlessly and delightfully.


Smoothies have been around for a long time.  Unlike milkshake which is made from ice cream, smoothies are only milkshake-like in texture and consistency.  What make smoothies really popular is the flexibility to mix and match many ingredients.  Some smoothies recipes can contain soy milk, whey powder, tea, and herbal concoctions.  This makes smoothies more health-friendly than run-of-the-mill milkshake.


Smoothies can add a distinct flair to any birthday party.  Just mix combinations of the fruits and yogurt that kids love and it will be a runaway hit.  Smoothies are easy to make, too.  You're just a blender away from the perfect smoothie, and the perfect birthday party!


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