Birthday Kids - Snacks

Every birthday party must have enough quantity and variety of food to feed those boisterous tykes.  Snacks should be healthy and appealing to children.  At any birthday party, prepare a variety of snack foods for children to eat.


For snack ideas, keep in mind these keywords -- healthy, appealing and satisfying.  That means avoid sugary snacks as much as possible.  Although children love sweets of any kind, remember that there are sweet food snacks that can be served at the party that are also nutritious and healthy.  Fruits are the best example.  Offer fruit bowls of grapes, strawberries or bananas.  Even the choice of yogurt is a wise choice for sweet snacks.


Believe it or not, even celery sticks and carrots dipped in peanut butter or some interesting dips will be enjoyed by kids at the birthday party. 


Consider also tortillas, tacos or nachos dipped in cheese.  Cookies are always a runaway hit, as well as some carbohydrate snacks such as pretzels or popcorn.

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