Birthday Kids - Healthy Veggies

Healthy food is always an option, even on birthday parties.  However, all parents know that most often, even everyday meals for kids become a struggle when vegetables are involved in the menu.  It's tough to compete with TV and other media that promote commercial food, for one thing.  It's even tougher that vegetables cannot compete in taste to even home-made food like meats and pastas.  So vegetable is always taking a beating when it comes to food chosen by children and ranks as their least favorite things to eat in the table.  How much more during a birthday party where a plethora of “more” interesting foods are served together?


This is an ironic fact considering that vegetables are also the best source of vitamins and minerals.  They are nutritious and offer more sustenance than any other food groups.  Now, if only they could be more attractive to kid's palates.


Believe it or not, vegetables can be prepared on ordinary days and birthdays and kids will love them!  No kidding.  With the right recipe and proper preparation, veggies can make it to the list of kid's favorites, particularly in birthday parties.

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