Birthday Kids - Gifts

After all that organizing and planning, and the actual party is taking place, nothing makes this event  even more meaningful than when the birthday celebrator receives the most thoughtful gift ever.  There is joy in seeing the delight in a child's eyes as he or she tears open the special gifts received from well-meaning and well-wishing friends, relatives and gifts.


This page is for those of you who are honored to be invited to these momentous events.  For make no mistake, it is indeed a deep honor to be so highly-considered a special part of every child's milestones in life.  So if you are a grandparent, godparent, parent, friend, aunt or uncle, classmate, neighbor, or simply someone who is lucky enough to be invited to the party, just browse through the list below, arranged by theme category, and make a choice in the special collection we offer.


Happy browsing!


American Idol

Angry Birds




Dora the Explorer

Mickey Mouse

SpongeBob SquarePants


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