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It’s the epic battle between birds and pigs. When precious birds’ eggs are stolen by mean green pigs, what do you get? Why, ANGRY BIRDS, of course! And they will stop at nothing to get those eggs back!

This is the story line of the popular game Angry Birds -- a story line that spawned addictive game play, cult followings worldwide, and millions in merchandise sales. Children of all ages are fascinated with these colorful birds and the puzzle-solving style of the game.

This makes Angry Birds a hit as a birthday party theme. With the proliferation of Angry Birds party merchandise, you can tap into an unlimited supply of resources to host a very successful Angry Birds birthday party!  






How about a picture of a sling shot in the card cover? It will certainly perk up interest! When they open the invitation card, they get the entire details about this being an Angry Bird-themed birthday party for your child, and that this will be an adventure they will surely enjoy!   You can also add an Angry Birds bookmark in the card for an advanced birthday give-away.

Another unique invitation idea: cards of Angry Birds in different colors – red, black, blue, and yellow – and send to the recipients. This will serve the purpose of automatically grouping birthday attendees into teams, if you plan to play games and conduct activities at the birthday party. Glue Angry Birds stickers to the cards to spice them up.





Decorate the birthday party venue with everything Angry Birds. Angry Birds cut-outs can be downloaded from the Internet and placed strategically at the party stage, and at the backs of chairs and tables. Choose the green, yellow, red and blue birds to fill the place with color, and less of the black Angry Birds for a happier ambience.  You can also include the green pigs to the birthday party, perhaps placed as a centerpiece with the Angry Birds surrounding them.

The Angry Birds birthday party theme will also benefit from balloons with Angry Birds design, and streamers or banners with Angry Birds motif. For the venue to really get into the Angry Birds birthday party theme spirit, you can have pieces of wood constructed similar to the obstacles in the Angry Birds game, where you can place green pigs as if they are hiding from the Angry Birds themselves. In those wooden obstacles you can also hide colorful eggs. Just make sure that the construction is safe, and that the children cannot climb nor have the wooden things fall on their heads :)





Get the birthday party going with some Angry Birds tune. The riffs from DJ Nil’s Angry Birds are chirping hot, and the Samba from Angry Birds Rio has a Latin air to it, encouraging feet stamping and high-energy dancing!





Angry Birds Birthday Party Parlor Game -  Get those Eggs!

How about grouping the kids into two groups, one for the group of Team Angry Birds and Team Green Pigs.  At the start of the game, have 3 large balls or balloons to serve as the "eggs".  Team Green Pigs should position themselves in such a way as to form a closed circle or square over each egg.  The enclosure can be either by grouping the eggs into one or having them enclosed one by one.  It depends on the strategy of Team Green Pigs. 

The Team Angry Birds have to use three large balloons or balls and throw these into the enclosed eggs.  Any balloon that lands inside the enclosure means a sure hit!  This results to that enclosed area being "demolished" and the egg or eggs being freed!  Team Angry Birds have three of these balloons to launch into the Team Green Pigs' enclosures, so they better make each throw count!  The game goes on with players switching teams and adults keeping score.  Fun, eh!

Angry Birds Pig and Red Bird Birthday Party Balloons Decorations Supplies

Angry Birds Birthday Party Parlor Game -  No Pigs Allowed!

In this game, let the children form a circle, big enough that everyone can fit in.  At the start of the music, pass the Green Pig hat or cut-out around while everyone clap their hands.  The child who receives the hat wears it and takes it off and passes it on to the child next to him.  When the music stops, the one caught wearing or holding the hat is out!  The winner of the game is the last one uncaught.



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