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Avatar is one of the most entertaining films to come out this decade, and perhaps one of the most-loved by all generations.  Kids in particular are fascinated with the characters in the story, particularly the race of the Na' vi.

Bring back the magic of Avatar to your kid's birthday party with this collection of fascinating party ideas.  Let's go to Pandora!




Hang these beautiful Avatar posters on the walls of the birthday party venue, or give as prizes in exciting birthday party games.  These posters will create the perfect mood for an Avatar birthday party, and makes a great give-away!  Kids will love getting their hands on some of these.




Blue and black are the dominant color in the Avatar movie, reflecting the blue-tinged skin color of the Na'vi people living in Pandora.  Re-create this color theme in your birthday party with blue decorations, from balloons, streamers, plates, glasses, and banners, among others.




Your Avatar birthday party is incomplete without these fascinating party favors depicting the various characters in the movie.  Kids will surely love to take home with them these interesting items that will remind them of your one-of-a-kind and unforgettable Avatar birthday party.



Your kid's Avatar birthday party will be perfect in an outdoor setting, perhaps a garden or an area with plenty of trees and shrubberies.  You can invite the kids to dress up to look like the Na'vi people.  Or your little birthday kid can dress up as one of this enchanting race and be the center of attention all throughout the party.

A treasure hunt will delight the kids and keep them occupied.  They can imagine roaming through the lush jungles of Pandora.  If you are environment-conscious this can be the time to inject into the games a lesson or two about protecting the environment, for that is after all, the underlying message of the Avatar movie -- a sacred regard and deep respect for the environment amidst unrelenting greed and pillage.

How about a seedling-planting activity to really make your Avatar birthday party truly memorable?  And when your little one grows up and browses through the pictures, won't it be nice to be called "the coolest parent ever", for having thought of this birthday party theme?



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