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A Barbie-themed party sets little girls' hearts a-flutter in excitement.  There is just something about Barbie that transcends generations of girls.  Moms who grew up following Barbie and her friends will enjoy planning the best Barbie party ever. 





For starters, the invitations can contain pictures of Barbie and Ken for both girls and boys invited.  You can download free cliparts from many sitesin the web, or you can download full invitation printables.  You can add some glitter, ribbons, sequins or perfume to the invitation card, because that's the trademark of Barbie -- dainty, carefree, feminine.  You can invite the guests to bring their own Barbie dolls or even come dressed up in Barbie doll-like costumes.




Lots of light gossamer pink!  Lavender is in too.  Balloons should be of these colors, and even the tablecloths, streamers, posters.  Each table can have a bouquet of balloons of these colors, with sequins randomly dropped in the tabletops.  For boys not to be too intimidated by the girlie decors, combine the lavender with some blues and decorate with Ken posters everywhere.




Set the party mood by having Barbie music play in the background.  You have options for Barbie movie soundtracks or Barbie herself singing groovy tunes.



Party Parlor


This is where guests can have their nails painted, their faces brushed, painted or tattooed with safe hypoallergenic paints, or have their hair braided, ribbonned or made up in every special way.  The same with boys, their hands, arms and faces can be painted with masculine masks or tattoos, and their hair done with hair gel and head bands.


The parlor place can have a full-length mirror and chairs to simulate the parlor look, with resident "hairdressers" or "manicurists" in hand to pamper the guests.  As an alternative, just provide the supplies and let the guests do their own stuff to themselves.  You can even make a contest out of their own efforts and awarding the "most beautiful Barbie" or "handsomest Ken" with prizes later.




Provide lots of beads, sequins, strings, and watch the guests happily crafting their own jewelries that they can later take home. 


Barbie's LipStick


Blindfold a guest and let her hold a lipstick in her hand.  Let another guest ("Barbie")  stand firm in front of the blindfolded one.  Instruct the one in blindfold to put on the lipstick in Barbie's lips.  The rest of the guests should shout instructions to the blindfolded girl to position the lipstick accurately at "Barbie's" lips.  The one who paints the lipstick most accurately gets a price together with "Barbie".




Barbie loot bags should include stickers, ribbons, hair ornaments, costume jewelries, candies of pink and lavender colors.





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