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Come on!  Vamonos! 


Who hasn't heard of Dora the Explorer, the cute Latina tyke that taught generations of children to speak Spanish and English at the same time, as well as the knack for adventuring and problem-solving?  Together with her friends Boots the Monkey, Isa the Iguana, Benny the Bull, Tico the Squirrel, and her cousin Diego, Dora opened many magical worlds and possibilities to children.  And who can discount Swiper -- the favorite villain of young children of this generation much like the evil stepmother in Cinderella's heyday?


What makes Dora doubly lovable to both kids and parents alike is that she also teaches good values to kids.  Dora is always helpful to those in need, always resourceful with her backpack and a map, always loving to her father, mother and grandparents, and already has a sense of social responsibility at such a young age to the animals and the environment.


Dora's appeal to kids make hosting a Dora-themed party a sure-fire success.  We share with you our ideas for a charming adventure-filled Dora party.




How about all of Dora's friends in the cover of a very colorful invitation?  With the words "VAMONOS!" or "A Super Silly Fiesta" emblazoned boldly in front?  Or set the theme for an adventure with an opening line in the invitation:

"Please help Dora and her friend <birthday celebrator> find the missing toys in the Magical Kingdom of <residence>"




Dora Balloons of orange, pink and purple colors can really bring life to the party.  You can create a jungle atmosphere by placing green-colored cardboard plant cut-outs at every corner of the venue, or live plants maybe better.  If you follow the "search for the missing toys" adventure theme, then you can create a Magical Bridge area in the venue, a Rainbow Road, and a Mystical Maze, much like Dora's three-fold adventures.  All of these features can be made ingeniously with cardboard cut-outs and simple creative juices.



The music in the Dora the Explorer TV show is easily recognizable to the toddlers and kids that avidly watch the show.  The reefs are catchy and easily memorized.  No wonder it has achieved nursery-rhymes level of popularity among children.  Adding these short musical pieces into the party would really perk up the kids.




Super Silly Fiesta


Fiesta's are all fun and games.  It's much like the city or town fair, where the mood is hectic and excitement is high.  There is a festive atmosphere surrounding the many stalls and bazaars in the area. 


You can recreate this atmosphere in your birthday party by providing boxed-in partitions or "booths" where various attractions are featured, such as a dart booth, a shoot-the-hoop booth, a golf both, a shooting both, among others.  Your imagination is the limit on this.  Guests can avail of 5-10 "fiesta coupons" that they can spend on any of the booths. 


Your game props need not be expensive, since you can use common toys like a ball, a hoop, etc.  for all your booth games.  Of course, there should be a booth watcher to award winning contestants their well-deserved prizes.




Dora does love her bracelet.  It's everywhere she goes.  So when you place boxes of fake crystals, beads, and lengths of strings on each table, your guests can make their own Dora bracelets to their hearts' content.


The Search for the Missing Toys


You can create a variant of the Treasure Hunt game by having the guests search for clues to the puzzles that would lead them to three areas in your venue, the Magical Bridge, Rainbow Road and Mystical Maze.  At each of these areas, they need to solve the puzzles to be able to get to the next area. 


The activity should follow a story line wherein some toys are missing and they need to search for it.  The happy completion of this adventure would be that the toys will be revealed in that one place that can only be identified by the correct solution to the final puzzle.  The reward for this activity is that everyone who participated will each get one toy out of the mound of toys that were missing.





Backpacks filled with candies, bracelets, and animal figures can send any child home satisfied.


Dora stickers and some other tokens, together with candies, can be also included.




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