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"I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse."

—Walt Disney, Disneyland; October 27, 1954  

Mickey Mouse, the talking cartoon mouse and the leader of the Mickey Mouse Club House is a masterpiece creation of Walt Disney. Mickey Mouse is an all-time cartoon superstar for kids. It is safe to assume that there is no kid in any corner of the world who is not familiar with Mickey Mouse. Kids have loved this talking mouse character since 1928, the year in which he first appeared on the silver screen.

Today, Mickey Mouse and his friends are everywhere from syndicated television shows, films, comic books, video games, amusement parks and many toys and merchandises.  The massive appeal of Mickey Mouse transcends generations.  Which makes him a perfect go-to character when it comes to birthday parties.  Parents and children both would love and enjoy a Mickey Mouse birthday party theme.






Mickey Mouse party invitations featuring Mickey on the card and envelope are readily available in most of the local party supply stores. You can choose the one that best fit your kid’s age. You can also print invitations by downloading them from the Internet. Today there are many websites online that provide printable party invitations that can be customized with your party details.

But if you are keen on designing your own invitation then there are plenty of websites online that provide you with excellent ideas on making party invitations. You can create Mickey Mouse pocket invitations using red and black color craft paper and by making the envelope the shape of Mickey’s face, complete with highlighted ears.  You can also make circular invitation cards that fit into the pocket. Furthermore, you can use the Mickey or Mini fonts to print messages on the invitation. 





Birthday party decorations with Mickey Mouse theme should be in red, black and white. If you want to use ready-made ones then there are birthday party theme kits available in the market. They have balloons, posters or stand poster, confetti, plastic wall decorations, and many others. 

If you are interested in setting the Mickey Mouse theme all by yourself then decorate the room with plenty of balloons in red, black polka-dotted and white. Stick posters of Mickey, Mini and other Disney club members can also be arranged in the venue. Create a mouse backdrop for the party table and spread Mickey printed table cloths. Get Mickey Mouse party ears for kids to wear in the party.





Playing Mickey Mouse music will make kids enjoy the party to the fullest. You can play the much-loved “Hot Dog” song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show and ask the kids to dance. You can also play Mickey's "Giggle and Sing" song in between the party activities to keep the kid's spirits up. 





Mickey Mouse party games and activities bring more fun to the Birthday party having a Mickey Mouse theme. Get the kids busy with some fun-filled activities that are interesting and exciting.

The Mickey Mouse Scavenger Hunt

Mickey Mouse scavenger hunt game is an interesting  game where 32 character cards are provided to hide, 8 search cards and one treasure box. The main goal of the players is to search for the treasure box by getting guidance from the hidden character cards.

Disney Mickey Fun and Friends Scavenger Hunt Party Game

Disney Club House Treasure Hunt

Split the kids into two teams.  A treasure box will be hidden at some place in the room and the teams should find the treasure box based on the clue provided in small paper chits.  Each clue will lead to the next clue, and so on, and ultimately to the treasure box.  Whichever team understands the clues and finds the treasure box will win.  Mickey Mouse Award ribbon can be presented to each team member in reward for their participation.

Mickey Mouse Friends Award Ribbon



Mickey Mouse party favors can be packed in Mickey Mouse favor boxes. These boxes can be filled with Mickey stickers, tattoos and coloring posters.





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