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From VelveteenRabbit :

10 Jan 2011 9:08:10 AMI recently hosted a Dora the Exporer Birthday Party for my one-year old. The color prevalent in the party is orange, pink and violet (that being Dora's clothes color). We had coloring pages for the guests to occupy their time with. The theme carried tones of a local fiesta, complete with various fair games like "shoot-the-hoop", target shooting, BINGO games, among others. There were even "stall owners" watching their stores and providing prizes to winners. It was fun!


From Jane Merck :

18 Jan 2009 2:04:08 AM"If you're short on preparation time, why not celebrate your kid's birthday party at a swimming pool venue? The kids will swim all day and come out only for snacks and food. This keeps the parents free to chat, sing videoke or play board games and do other stuff without the kids getting underfoot all the time. The kids will go home tired but happy and the parents relaxed and un-harrassed.

Love your site! Keep adding more contents. :)"

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